Solar energy for a well with clean water!

At Green-Project we have sought in every way to implement the promise we made in 2010 to the Green Trek in Africa (, which was made under the auspices of the Greek National Committee for UNESCO: “To work to to reach clean electricity and water in all areas of Africa, where we passed, as well as in Bama, the village of the friend we made there, Carolina, near Lake Victoria, Kenya”!

Today, we are given the opportunity to support Karolina’s dream who takes part in the Cosmopolitan contest, wherever she comes first, the money she will get, she commits to use it to build a well with clean water in her village. There today there is no access to either electricity or clean water!

Carolina is very close to coming first! He needs the vote of all of us at Greennet and beyond! Let’s see it as our personal matter and mobilize!

Thank you! Good luck!

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