africa: athens to capetown

our journey



Total Distance: 1200 km 

Estimated Stay Time: 6 days 

Points of interest:

 The GP will enter Egypt from Alexandria and will follow the Nile on its way to Aswan. Along the way you will visit the modern Library of Alexandria  with its characteristic bioclimatic building and the  Omayad Biosphere Reserve , a protected area near Alexandria known for its biodiversity. Visits will also be made to the  Kuraymat Solar Combined Cycle Plant  (under construction) and  the Zafrana wind farm , which is the largest in Egypt.

The curtain will fall on visits to  the Aswan Power Station  as well as small-scale  irrigation projects  and  photovoltaic installations.

Sudan (Aswan – Wadi Halfa)

Previous Country:  Egypt (Wadi Halfa Border)

Next Country:  Ethiopia (Galabat)

Total Distance: 1800 km

Estimated Stay Time: 6 days

Points of interest:

In Sudan, the GP will follow the Nile River and then move along the Blue Nile to Khartoum. Along the way, visits will be made to  large hydroelectric stations on the Nile River  (such as the Merowe Dam) and to small photovoltaic installations. In  the Nubia Desert , the GP will meet on its way to the river the historically and culturally important city of  Napata  and the  Jebel Barkal Hill , (UNESCO World Heritage Site).


Previous Country:  Zambia (Kasane – Africa’s “four corners” border)

Next Country:  South Africa (Border near Gaborone)

Total Distance: 1300km

Estimated Stay Time: 3 days

Points of Interest:
In Botswana the GP from the  river Zambezi  will continue its course towards the Delta. In the Kalahari Desert, the expedition will meet the  SAN tribe , which has lived in the area for more than 20,000 years, and will document traditional methods of housing construction and water management (ostrich egg shell storage). Finally, he will visit the  Okavango River Delta . There, once a year, water from the Angola Mountains floods the  Kalahari Dese








Previous Country:  Sudan (Gabalat Borders)

Next Country:  Kenya (Moyale Borders)

Total Distance: 1700 km

Estimated Stay Time: 7 days

Points of interest:

The mission will visit a number of UNDP water-saving activities,  including Arba Minch Zuria ,  Hawassa ,  Northern Langano ,  Abjata Lakes  , aimed at tackling environmental degradation and improving natural resource management. In Oma, the GP will experience award-winning power supply projects and small water pumping stations that provide resources to local communities. We will then cross the river, which provides 80% of the waters of the Nile  the  Blue Nile  region, and Lake Taka.