2008 asia: athens- beijing

10:00 Departure by plane for the return of the last member of the Green Project to Athens. The return of “green” cars of mission in Greece is realised with boat, according to the initial plan

10:00 Visit in the “Exhibition Space of Built-up Planning Beijing”. In his rooms is presented with the use of high technology, in the three thousand year history of city, while is elected also impressive Olympic Beijing.

10:00 Recording of Temple of Sky, which is found in the more southern department of central vertical axis of city. This monument has been included in the List of World Cultural Heritage (World Heritage List) the UNESCO.Completed in 1420 and it reflects the Chinese perception that the sky is circular and the ground level, symbolizing the balance from each other. The emperor, as “Son of Sky”, was considered the conjunctive ring between the supreme deity, the Sky and the persons, and was person in charge for the natural phenomena and the fertility of ground.

11:00 Official visit and presentation of Green Project in the Greek Embassy. The ambassador Mr. Kampanis and executives of Embassy congratulate the volunteers of GP for their effort, pointing out that it constitutes the unique mission that achieved it reaches in Beijing in 2008.

10:00 Part of team visits the Great Wall or differently “Long Wall” in the Chinese language, which has been included in the List of World Cultural Heritage (World Heritage List) the UNESCO. Its manufacture, in today’s form is reported to have taken place during the Dynasty of Ming (1368-1644).

07:00 Arrival in Beijing.

11:00 after special authorisation which is honorary granted by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, the team presents the objectives of mission in the “Greek House”, in the region DongCheng, to Chinese factors of Cultural Year of Greece in China, executives of Greek Embassy in Beijing, and representatives of Greek Ministry of Culture.In the frame of event, the team presents also part of material of 30.000 photographs that was assembled at the duration of thirty days of walking.

10:00 Visit in the Mausoleum of first Emperor of dynasty Qing (221-206 BC), monument included in the List of World Cultural Heritage (World Heritage List) the UNESCO, with the 6000 warriors from terracotta (Bingmayong), that were discovered the decade of `70s. It is of important archaeological interest extent with three installations, by which second is covered from big circular form iron shelter with bioclimatic characteristics, for the protection of extensive cavity in which is found part of earthen warriors.

7:30 Having breakfast in the plush mountain range of Maiji Shan between Lanzhou and the Xi’ an. The streets have been blocked by endless hordes of motionless lorries, that causes important delays. In the Chinese hinterland there is an explosion of construction development: new streets, tunnels, airlifts with background the wild nature compose a surreal setting.

16:00 Arrival and overnight stay in the Xi’ an.

9:30 Arrival in Lanzhou.

12:00 Visit in the group of Buddhist temples in the hill of White Pagoda, that is located in Baita Shan. Near is the metal bridge Zhongshan that connects the two banks of Yellow river which is named after the actual colour of the waters.

15:00 Visit in water mills hat is found in the opposite bank and that their initial manufacture is reduced in the means of 16th century. The current mills, with diameter 16,50m., are reproductions of the original installations, that were placed in placed in 1993, when water museum was founded.

19:00 Departure for the Xi’ an.

10:30 Arrival in Dunhuang.

12:00 Tour in the city, while part of mission visits and records neighbouring hydroelectric station. Afterwards is realised visit with vehicles of combustion of gas, limited emissions CO2 in the locality Yumen Pass, most important station of Streets of Silk, where apart from the archaeological discoveries of fortifications by building with bricks the 3rd eg. century (Han Dynasty) is recorded a solar park of force 8,4 KW which was installed there with the aid of Japanese Government.

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