27th Day: Zharkent, 27 August 2008

08:30 Departure for the city of Khorgos, on the borders, half in Kazakhstan and half in China.

12:00 The customs procedures last for less than an hour. It is the fastest passage of borders from our experience in Central Asia. The Chinese dignitaries proved to be exceptionally noble and hospitable.

13:00 Entry in China wearing T-shirts with the sponsors. Green Project becomes first (!) foreign mission which enters in 2008 in China by car from her north-western borders.

14:00 Departure from Khorgos with vehicles of combustion of gas of limited emissions CO2, with destination the city Urumqi, distance of 700 km The way through the province Xinjiang Uyghur offers pictures of particular beauty, tall mountains, plateaux with settlements from yurt (scenes of circular ground plan with wooden skeleton), lakes round which unfold vast flatlands with stunning golden brown colors, with a contrast of barren desert. The majority of the inhabitants of this region are Muslim.

16:30 Members of mission visit settlement Kazakhs of nomads in the banks of lake Sayram Hu, where the mission located the extensive use solar powered panels.

22:00 Arrival and overnight stay in Urumqi.