28th Day: Urumqi, 28 August 2008

11:00 Departure from Urumqi with destination Turpan. The region of Turpan is found in position below sea level and presents highest temperatures in China (more than 45oC).

15:30 Visit in the region Dabancheng District, which is found between the cities Urumqi and Turpan. It is the bigger Aeolian (wind) park of Asia (Dabancheng Wind Power Generation Site), total force 6×6.6MW, which unfolds in enormous level extent, which interrupts the passage of central road artery.

Our team takes the opportunity to film with both video and photographs.

18:00 Visit in the underground installations of water supply Karez of total length 5000 (!) km outside from the city Turpan, which was sometimes important commercial centre on the Streets of Silk.

21:00 Departure for Dunhuang. The 12hr journey goes through vast desert area, that neighbors with Southern Mongolia.