29th Day: Dunhuang, 29 August 2008

10:30 Arrival in Dunhuang.

12:00 Tour in the city, while part of mission visits and records neighbouring hydroelectric station. Afterwards is realised visit with vehicles of combustion of gas, limited emissions CO2 in the locality Yumen Pass, most important station of Streets of Silk, where apart from the archaeological discoveries of fortifications by building with bricks the 3rd eg. century (Han Dynasty) is recorded a solar park of force 8,4 KW which was installed there with the aid of Japanese Government.

18:00 Departure by car from Dunhuang with the same vehicles of combustion of gas, as the railway station by which it exists connection with the city Lanzhou is found in Liuyuan, in distance of 120 km from Dunhuang. The way is impressive. It goes through desert, where the soil has brown-black nuances of lignite which are extensively excavated.

20:30 Departure for Lanzhou, a 12 hr journey.