32nd Day: Xi’ an, 1 September 2008

10:00 Visit in the Mausoleum of first Emperor of dynasty Qing (221-206 BC), monument included in the List of World Cultural Heritage (World Heritage List) the UNESCO, with the 6000 warriors from terracotta (Bingmayong), that were discovered the decade of `70s. It is of important archaeological interest extent with three installations, by which second is covered from big circular form iron shelter with bioclimatic characteristics, for the protection of extensive cavity in which is found part of earthen warriors.

13:00 Members of mission visit the group of baths Huaqing Chi, in distance of 30 km of East of the city, where are found underground sources of hot waters. The installations of exploitation of theraputic baths functioned particularly at the Dynasty Tang (618-907 AD.).

20:30 Departure for Beijing, travel of duration of 11 hours.