33rd Day: Beijing, 2 September 2008

07:00 Arrival in Beijing.

11:00 after special authorisation which is honorary granted by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, the team presents the objectives of mission in the “Greek House”, in the region DongCheng, to Chinese factors of Cultural Year of Greece in China, executives of Greek Embassy in Beijing, and representatives of Greek Ministry of Culture.In the frame of event, the team presents also part of material of 30.000 photographs that was assembled at the duration of thirty days of walking.

This space entertains cultural events that are organised at the duration of Cultural Year and it is accommodated in a small traditional residence.

13:30 Recording of the finish of the journey in the historical square Tian’ anmen. H square acquired her name from the homonym Gate (Gate of Celestrial Peacefulness, from where Mao nominated the Republic of China in 1949), was shaped in her current provision in 1958 and is the bigger square in the world, 400.000 square meters.

15:00 Visit and recording of Prohibited City of Beijing, where are located the Imperial Palaces, monuments included in the List of World Cultural Heritage (World Heritage List) the UNESCO.

16:00 Members of mission return in north-western Beijing and visit the Summer Palaces (Yiheyuan), included in the List of World Cultural Heritage (World Heritage List) the UNESCO. It is bigger and more impressive Imperial Gardens in the world, a total of gardens, palaces and temples of Chinese Architecture built round the lake Koynmin. Big extensions and configurations became the 18th century under the emperor Qinalong.