34th Day: Beijing, 3 September 2008

10:00 Part of team visits the Great Wall or differently “Long Wall” in the Chinese language, which has been included in the List of World Cultural Heritage (World Heritage List) the UNESCO. Its manufacture, in today’s form is reported to have taken place during the Dynasty of Ming (1368-1644).


11:00 The remaining team records the exhibits of important Museum of Ancient Chinese Architecture (Gudai Jianzgu Bowuguan), which are accommodated in the space of Xianmong Alter, where the Emperors of Dynasties Ming and Qing made sacrifices. The exhibition spaces offer rich documentation with regard to the development of residences and temples in China, providing building observations that concern in different time periods and localities.

15:00 Visit in Carrefour Plaza, in the region Zhongguancun, which covers completely her energy needs with solar systems.

20:00 Part of mission departs by plane for the programmed return in Athens.