36th Day: Beijing, 5 September 2008

10:00 Recording of Temple of Sky, which is found in the more southern department of central vertical axis of city. This monument has been included in the List of World Cultural Heritage (World Heritage List) the UNESCO.Completed in 1420 and it reflects the Chinese perception that the sky is circular and the ground level, symbolizing the balance from each other. The emperor, as “Son of Sky”, was considered the conjunctive ring between the supreme deity, the Sky and the persons, and was person in charge for the natural phenomena and the fertility of ground.

The temple of Sky constitutes one from the bigger groups of temples of world with extent four times of bigger than that of Prohibited City. The central building constitutes the symbol of Beijing. The Temple is supported in twenty-eight wooden joists that correspond in the celestrial constellations equal in number. No metal nails have been used for its manufacture. The alfresco space where it frames the group functions as park which daily is submerged by thousands of Chinese.


12:00 The opening of multimedia exhibition “Giorgos Seferis” which is realised with exceptional success in the “Greek House”, in the frame of Cultural Year of Greece in China. It circulates Chinese translation of Giorgos Seferis.