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37th Day: Beijing, 6 September 2008

10:00 Visit in the “Exhibition Space of Built-up Planning Beijing”. In his rooms is presented with the use of high technology, in the three thousand year history of city, while is elected also impressive Olympic Beijing.


15:00 Is addressed invitation from the Ambassador Mr. Kampanis for the honorary presence of representative of Green Project in the ceremony of beginning of Special Olympics. It should be noted that the Organising Committee of Olympic Games of Beijing has placed as objective the games to display particular characteristics of Chinese culture. The three basic characteristics of the Beijing Games are “Green Olympics, High Technology Olympics, Human Olympics”. More specifically, the protection of ecosystem with the use of technology friendly to the environment and with the intensification of ecological conscience of citizens is the condition for the planning and the manufacture of Olympic Works.

20:00 the ceremony of beginning of Special Olympics is more from impressive for all that are in the National Stage of “Nest of Bird”. Green Project is there. The architectural planning of Stage is realisation of collaboration of Swiss company Herzog and De Meuron with ArupSport and China Architecture Design Institute. Artistic adviser, person in charge for the planning is the Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei. The stage, as neighbouring National Swimming Centre, known as “Aquatic Cube”, they constitute excellent examples of use of biometrics in the modern architecture. For the manufacture them they have been used materially high technology, friendly to the environment, as the Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE). Is a material with exceptionally spoil, very thin, but also durable, in the light, membrane. The natural lighting of swimming center economises energy up to 30%. In the all Olympic installations becomes extensive use of systems of collection and exploitation of water of rain and solar energy.