Day 2: Komotini August 2, 2008

09:00 Visit to the bazaar and the historical center of Komotini for the documentation of traditional bioclimatic buildings.
11:30 Press conference with local press in Maronia at the European Organization of Public Justice, a supporter of the Green Project.
1:30 – 18:00 Media documentation of the wind park at Kehro as it is incorporated into the environment of northern Rodopi.

This park is the largest in Greece and is an excellent example of the practical application of the power of wind energy and its economic impact on the community.
19:00-23:00 Crossing the border from the Evros Gardens into Turkey. This process was exceedingly time consuming due to the mass influx of Turkish immigrants from Northern Europe. Assistance from the Hellenic Embassy in Ankara expedited the procedure for our crossing.
3:00 Arrival in Istanbul. After three hours of difficult driving, our already exhausted team needed another hour amongst the nightlife on the busy streets of Istanbul to reach the final destination on the hotel in the center of the city.