Day 5: Ancient Sevastia, August 5, 2008

10:30 Visit to the historical center of Sivas. Our team documented various Seltzoukic mosques, hamam (saunas) and other historical buildings noted for their bioclimatic characteristics. Especially noted were: Kale Cami (1580), Baruciye Medresesi (1271), Çifte Minareli Medresesi (1271), Gök Medresesi (1271) and Meyden Hamam from the 15th century. Restoration work is in progress at these sites. The team also observed economic development in the region.

14:00 Depart for Erzurum. Part of our team heads for Divriği by cutting through a forest region. At Divriği, the sites of the mosques and hospital are overwhelming in terms of size. Within the sites, we observed the beginnings of bioclimatic architecture. The mosques observed have the same archeological style as the original Seltzoukic structures of the 12th and 13th centuries. The mosque and hospital have an impressive entrance, decorated with geometric motif that are also found in central Asia. It should be mentioned that the floor plans have similarities to Kisterkiana monasteries in Northern Italy. We observe this connection between cultures of the East and West.
19:30 Depart from Divriği. Our experience in the interior of Anatolia is amazing.
1:00 Arrival and overnight in Erzurum.