Day 7: Yusufeli, August 7, 2008

8:00 Depart for Tblisi.  The road is under construction and is closed at various points of the way. The traffic moves parallel to the river, making the view very impressive.
12:00 Video documentation of the hydroelectric plant in the city of Artvin.  The base of the Kaukasou mountain is alive with flowers and other vegetation as well as ample water that flows along with the road.
15:00 Arrival in Hopa, near the Georgian border.  Over a four hour delay at the border patrol.

19:00 Entrance into Georgia.  The Georgian driver behavior makes an impression.
At a distance of 80km from Tblisi there is a strong police presence, army vehicles and tanks.
In the distance we can see light followed by the sounds of explosions. We have no idea what is going on.
1:00 Arrival into Tblisi.  We learn that battle has erupted in Osetia.