Day 8: Tblisi, August 8, 2008

11:00 Part of the team visits the University of Kaukasou where we receive a warm welcome. Presentation of the Green Project to the founders of the University, who we interview. Visit to the old capital of Georgia, which has many examples of traditional bioclimatic architecture.  Photographs capture the hydroelectric plant that is just outside Tblisi
The remaining team takes a quick tour of the historical center of Tblisi documenting the bioclimatic characteristics.

  Its worth mentioning that Tblisi in Georgian translate to “warm baths”
We learn the breaking news of the heated political situation.
21:00 Presentation of the Green Project and digital art exhibit of its team members during a formal dinner organized by the Greek Ambassador in Tblisi, representatives of the Ministry of Energy and reporters are also present.
23:00 Overnight in Tblisi.