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18th Day: Bukhara, 18 August 2008

6:00 Visit to the historical centre of Bukhara and Kalon, with minarets with height of 48m. Manufactured from bricks, circular cross-section with diameter of base 9m and 7m tall. The 2hr stay at the top gives the perspective to record of traditional residences in the historical centre of city, many from which have internal areas, element that characterizes the bioclimatic planning of traditional buildings in regions with high temperatures. In the centre of internal areas are water wells as well as trees which provide protection from high temperatures.

12:00 Visit in the three neighbouring Trade domes (commercial area), where, historically, trade of products among ships took place. The vaulted markets maintain their unique character.

13:00 Visit to the mausoleum Ismail Samani of (10th cent.). It is a vaulted structure from building with bricks, with thickness of walls 2m.with bioclimatic characteristics, ie the temperature in his interior is much lower than exterior. The aspects of building are characterized by distinguished with decorative geometric patterns. Also in the greater environment there is a large reservoir of water that apart from aesthetic qualities represents divine perceptions.

15:00 Visit to the buildings of baths Borzi Kord and Kunjak hammom, for both men and woman, where the team experiences the wonders of bioclimatic structures.

17:00 Departure from Bukhara.

00:00 Overnight stay in Samarkand.