19th Day: Samarkand, 19 August 2008

10:00 Visit to Shahr-i-Zindah of (15th cent) Samarkand. It is a total of mausoleums, that have developed at length of one narrow road. The facades of buildings are constructed with bricks are with ceramic tiles in blue and turquoise nuances with decorative plants and geometric patterns, while the domes on the mausoleums present impressive decoration.

The urban structure of group, the small width of street at length of which were built in succession in similiar time periods the mausoleums (spaces of burial), the provision of building volumes in near from each other distances, the materials of manufacture and the structure of spaces (cross-correlation of ground plan with section), they allow the report in their bioclimatic behavior.

12:00 Visit in the pane Bibi-Khanym of (15th cent.) with giant gate, the 4 minarets mark the corners and the big perimetric courtyard. Mosques have internally very big height and are covered with high dome. The temperature in his interior is enough lower than the one that prevails in the direct exterior environment.

13:00 Visit in the impressive Registan and imposing Ulughbek Medresesi (1420) and Sher Dor Medresesi (1636), that recommended for centuries the old commercial centre of city.

14:00 Departure from Samarkand with the honorary escort of police forces.

22:00 Overnight stay in Tashkend.