20th Day: Tashkent, 20 August 2008

10:00 Visit in Parkent, 50 km outside from Tashkent, where there is a unique installation of solar oven. The team receives an honorary reception in the entry into the city, with a traditional orchestra and women dressed in traditional costumes offering flowers and dishes. The solar oven with dimensions of width roughly 50 m. and height of 54 m, was manufactured during 1981-87. It is a group with solar mirrors that gathers the solar radiation aiming at the production of materials of high cleanliness.

The temperature at the point of focus exceeds the 3.000oC! The staff of factory provides an impressive demo for the members of mission.

14:00 Local Representatives provide dinner with traditional dishes to the team.

17:00 Return in Tashkent and presentation of Green Project in special honorary event, which was organised by international ecological organisation ECOSAN, with the chairman of Mr. Yusufjan Shadimetov, members of National Academy of Sciences, representatives public and private institutions of country, special scientists and journalists. The ECOSAN bears place of Ministry of Environment, result of serious political choices.